Tips about Sexting
7 months ago

Sexting is an act of sending different video, calls or messages through mobiles or computers or tablets that include sexual elements. These messages or video of Sexting include such elements that simulated the sex act or containing the nudity related to any person. The use of tablets and cell phones is going to increase especially among the children and teenagers and there is a risk of receiving such type of message or photos and this is considered for the teachers, parents and especially law enforcement. This act is occurring in case of getting attention, flirting or any kind of joke with receivers. After a specific age, it is very important to discuss these elements with the children to save them from any kind of mental issue. There are many different reasons due to which the Sexting is starting among the two people and then these photos and video is going viral and spread all around in social media.

Sometimes, two people making their relationship strong start Sexting and develop some sort of trust on each other. So children who are involved in Sexting at their teenage must involve some attachment or likeness with someone and they never express their feeling to others. Parents must take special care of their children related to Sexting and must take an open talk with them to explain about the Sexting and how they affect the mind of children must tell the parents to save their children. But the Sexting is going to be very common and it is introduced through an application named Sexting app that provide different activities related to Sexting. There are also some tips about the Sexting and how to use these applications for your purpose and also maintain a safe side for you and your loved ones.

Some tips for Sexting are; this is very important to develop trust in your partners. Because this is very easy to say that come on or I don't show this to anyone but when the breakup occurs then that person will break that trust and show the personal photos to others as revenge. So it is very important to develop maximum trust on the person about your privacy and this is very important to take care even if you are in a committed relationship with each other. Trust must be maintained. Always use the secure device of Sexting. Normally at home all the devices are connected with each other and it also may occur that your Sexting message that you send through messenger also receive through WhatsApp on another device so your privacy may fall in danger and for the receiver of the message also maintain its privacy that its device where he receives the message don't use by any other person without its permission and no one sees that message that you receive from your partner. Therefore the secure device must be used for Sexting or photos. Sexting should not be started in the workplace. At the workplace, your complete attention should be towards your work and it will affect the performance of your work at your office. This is a common understanding but still, some people start Sexting at the workplace which is not a good habit. At the workplace, your colleagues and other employees are involved with your working and if you are busy in Sexting then your mental ability diverts from your work and your attention also disturb which is not a good sign for your reputation in your office. So try to avoid Sexting at the workplace and don't divert your attention. This is very important for the privacy to deletes such type of messages, photos, and videos on your phone. Your mobile may be lost or any other individual may hide your mobile or may check any dirty message or photo then your reputation might get destroyed. For maintaining the privacy and making your reputation intact it is very important to delete the message or photo after seeing them because, in case of lost phone, the person who gets your mobile will be able to see all the dirty photos or messages and may viral at social media which affect your reputation.

Form your photos delete the EXIF metadata from your computer or mobile. If you hide your face or your appearance from the photo then still people will detect you that you are the person who is in the picture and that is happening because of metadata. When any photo is snap then the camera automatically record the metadata about you that includes the location, model of camera, time and date that shows that who is taking such photos from his mobile. But this information can be removed from your device and no one can detect you and your device to involve in the Sexting. Sexting should never be done when you are drunk. When any person is drunk it does not remain in its senses and that person completely forgets that what she or he is doing and in such condition, Sexting is going to be more dangerous and create many problems for the person who is Sexting in drinking condition. Because when you’re drunk your sense is not working and any bad or dirty picture or video or message can be created by the drunk individual. and when he comes in senses then it may be a source of shame for the person. So avoid Sexting during the drinking condition.

When you are going to sexting through photo or video then decide first that whether you include your face in the photo or not. Or many-body mark that shows your identification. Because when the partner receives such photo he normally never delete that photo and after the breakup, he will viral that photo to disturb your image. So you have to be very careful that your Sexting never shows your identification and no one can recognize you after seeing such stuff through any source. So be careful while Sexting and also determine whether you have to show your identification or not to others.

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