Safe Sexting
7 months ago

Sexting is directly linked to human psychology and nature. Earlier History of Man shows that the people of even “Stone Age “, living in cages used to develop images relating to Sexual Stimulations. So one can simply know how old is Man’s sexual desires are. Now days, the man is directly connected to Digital World (i.e. Social Media Face book , Insta-gram , Whats app etc ).

Thus, most of his basic instinct desires are also fulfilled here through this medium.

“Sexting Or Phone Sex’ A Hot Phenomena In The World of Communication “:

In modern days, especially since last 2 decades, the usage of Cell-phones, mobile phones and then in latest times, the usage of smart phones has driven the world in a very smart manner. Now most of the people have an opportunity to access any individual living upon this globe through a single click. Most of us can locate any of our friends lost in Pre-Mobile Phone era through the smart use of Social Media.

Most of the young chaps are just after finding out some female partner whom they can attract first, date then and can develop a sexting relationship in the end to rejoice themselves all the time.

Sexting Has Got Some Special Timing:

Everything has a special timing for it. Sexting is normally done at late night hours. It has got its special intoxication in complete solitude. One starts feeling him or herself in an ecstasy of world beyond. The experience is typically awesome when your female partner also takes part in this practice whole heartedly. The co-partners mental chemistry of course does matter a lot.

No Use of Alcohol While Sexting:

It is a very important factor that one must not be out of mind or out of his or her senses while sexting. In this context, there should be use of no drugs or liquor by the person involved in sexting. Because,  one must have complete control upon him or herself to avoid misunderstanding with his or her co-partner. Sexting can be very harmful and bring in a lot of embarrassment in case you are not sure of your mental balance and equilibrium

“Females must be dealt with Great Care “:

Females are very fragile by nature. They can’t be treated roughly or strictly.  So the male youngsters should not offend or annoy them by their actions or speech consciously or unconsciously.

Start Sexting with Your Companion after seeking His or Her full Consent:

Taking a prior consent is much needed for sexting. Normally, request to start sexting comes from male partner. So, a male partner should seek full consent by his female co-partner firstly to avoid misunderstanding in future. Once the consent provided by the said female, both the couple develop sexting habits, the fun starts on.

Find out a Trustworthy Person for Sexting Always:

It is far most important to find out a trustworthy person for sexting   as it is a very sensitive matter in all means. Your integrity and honor are both on stake if you start sexting without developing deeper relations with the said person. So, always try to sext a person in whom you have full trust. Only then, the sexting would be considered as safe sexting .Because, blackmailing is a very common trend now days in all over the world. And we must avoid to get blackmailed by people due to our secret messaging.  

Keeping Your Face, Name and identity Confidential to enjoy Safe Sexting:

It is quite essential for us to keep our face ,name and identity hidden , concealed and confidential for un known co partners while sexting. Because we cannot ever trust to a new person whether he or she would be trustworthy or not? Once we exposed ourselves it can damage our credibility and goodwill in our surroundings due to the leakage of our secrecy.

Don’t Sext At Your Workplace:

Your workplace is always like a sacred place for yourself. As we earn our livelihood through our work place. There can be so many professional rivals working at our work place. These rivals are normally running after to dig out our weakness by all the time. That is why; we must try our level best not to give such hidden enemies any single chance to play with our weaknesses. We must avoid our sexting habits at our work place to keep ourselves safe and sound from all evils.

Always Sext with Safe Devices:

Your Computer or Smart Phone devices must be super safe for your secret activities like sexting. Sexting needs to be done very smartly and very safely. Don’t ever use webcam while sexting with your female partner. Your face must never be exposed in your camera while sexting. Y our family members should also never know the fact that you are sexting. You must constantly delete your sexting content from your phones or Computers to avoid confusions.

Try Not To Sext With Strangers:

It is recommended not to come in deep relations with some strangers till we start knowing that person since long. Strangers are hard to be trusted most of the times. So we need not to trust and rely upon the people we come across so easily. Let our relations get older and older to trust somebody.

Sext in Complete Solitude :   

As sexting is purely an enjoyable top secret activity. It needs to be done in complete solitude. The person involved in sexting habits should not ever disclose his or her secret information to anybody. This fun activity must be done very late at night by locking in your separate room to restrict the entry of others to your secretive room. After all , everybody has a right to have secret activities which he or she likes not to be exposed or open to anybody else.

Try to Sext With Trusted Co-Partners only:

It is better if we start sexting only with our old trusted co-partners whom we are in relations with since long times because, and then only we would be in a state maintaining our secrecy unchallenged.


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